Sunday, March 8, 2009

An Eggplant in Angeland

Finally finished! I'd forgotten how long it takes me to put the finishing touches on a painting. What should be the quickest part I somehow manage to drag out for an absurdly long time.

I really thought I had a sketch of some sort for this painting, but I guess not. Man do I suck at planning ahead. I found the canvas in a pile of canvases I started painting and then abandoned, and just started slapping down color.

I did these first two shots in a couple hours. I think I had wanted to keep this one somewhat clean and pastel, which of course was overcome in the end by my love of dry brushing and dark colors.

Everything up until this point was painted with one of the crappiest, oldest brushes I have, because I like it like that. Actually, most of the stuff after this point was painted with this brush, too.

Starting to put in details...

And baa-naaa! Painting! There may have been a few more steps in there, but I forgot to photograph them, so feel free to imagine whatever you like.