Sunday, November 8, 2009

The history of Inguen

As soon as I put up my portfolio site in 2004, I wanted another site, one where I could secretly post drawings of balls, dick jokes, and varied examples of why the internet is my favorite place ever. So I registered a new domain, and made a mascot to go with it, Jonathan Inguen.

Fortunately, I no longer care if people know about my penchant for wangs and boobies, so Jonathan has sort of taken over my sketchblog, and still gets more love than my "real" site.

Hangin' out, drinkin' some Orbitz. Was I the only person who liked that..?

Jonathan is, of course, fast friends with the Hentai Tentacle Death Bunnies.

Despite his being "OMG MY" character, I only really drew Jon like, 5 or 6 times, tops. This is reason #zillion why I'm glad I didn't go into animation.

Wallpaper showing off John's official outfit. He's wearing the donkey head (and later just the ears) in homage to Lampwick. As everyone knows, if you spend all day screwing around and drawing nads, you turn into a donkey!

This was the first ever official drawing of Jonathan, as part of my site layout. He was missing the top of his ring finger, like my 7th grade art teacher, Mr. Jorgenson, who liked to slap his hand down on the projector so we could all really get a good look at it, and take his warnings about not screwing with the paper cutter seriously.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Ang St. Ie

Angst Practice

Ang Saint. Ie, (LOL ANGSTY, GET IT) pulled from the Angst Practice painting, which I think was the first thing I ever painted in acrylic. Making fun of shit right from the start! CLEARLY I AM GOING TO GO FAR IN ART. Also, he's not a super-racist drawing of an Asian dude, he's just so emo that he NEVER OPENS HIS EYES. Oh yeah. Beat that, teenagers!

All his tattoos are based on obnoxiously happy 1950's children's toys. If I ever get a sleeve done, it's going to be like that. I'm like 95% sure he was supposed to be the Dustyartwork mascot, to balance out Jonathan Inguen, but unsurprisingly, pointless time-wasty fun got more of my love than serious art, and I never drew this guy again.