Sunday, February 21, 2010

Moooooooar Jungle Book

Since I tend to fixate, here's some quickie Jungle Book watercolor sketches I did after finishing the painting.

Red Dog is my favorite Mowgli story. It's got all the major players, an exciting new enemy, and shows off what a cunning little creature Mowgli has grown up to be. And contains my favorite line in all the stories:

"Howl dogs! A Wolf has died to-night!

But of all the Pack of two hundred fighting dholes, whose boast was that all Jungles were their Jungle, and that no living thing could stand before them, not one returned to the Dekkan to carry that word.

Akela was pretty unquestionable rad. He knew more about men than anyone, led the Pack for better than a decade, and offered to let his mutinous pack kill him without a fight in exchange for Mowgli's freedom. He kept kicking ass up till his excellent death fighting the dhole. Rock on Akela.

Mang The Bat, who didn't actually do anything in the books, but was mentioned in the Night-Song in the Jungle, which is good enough for me.

And OF COURSE Bagheera, whom I love, because he is a cocky prick, which I suppose comes of being born among men. Plus, it makes his love for Mowgli that much more AWWWWW.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Anon Sketch Project!

You give me words or an idea and I sketch it, probably in a matter completely different than you were hoping. Or maybe I'll take a photo. Or sculpt something. Or perhaps I'll ignore it completely. HARD TO SAY.

Plus, it's anon, so if you've been waiting to ask me what's up with the tentacles or why I 'm such a terrible evil meanie, have at it.

1: Crow.
Hilariously, my scanner REFUSED to pick up the neon-ness of this, so I had to photograph it. COME ON SCANNER, YOU KNOW YOU LOVE NEON AS MUCH AS I DO.