Sunday, November 8, 2009

The history of Inguen

As soon as I put up my portfolio site in 2004, I wanted another site, one where I could secretly post drawings of balls, dick jokes, and varied examples of why the internet is my favorite place ever. So I registered a new domain, and made a mascot to go with it, Jonathan Inguen.

Fortunately, I no longer care if people know about my penchant for wangs and boobies, so Jonathan has sort of taken over my sketchblog, and still gets more love than my "real" site.

Hangin' out, drinkin' some Orbitz. Was I the only person who liked that..?

Jonathan is, of course, fast friends with the Hentai Tentacle Death Bunnies.

Despite his being "OMG MY" character, I only really drew Jon like, 5 or 6 times, tops. This is reason #zillion why I'm glad I didn't go into animation.

Wallpaper showing off John's official outfit. He's wearing the donkey head (and later just the ears) in homage to Lampwick. As everyone knows, if you spend all day screwing around and drawing nads, you turn into a donkey!

This was the first ever official drawing of Jonathan, as part of my site layout. He was missing the top of his ring finger, like my 7th grade art teacher, Mr. Jorgenson, who liked to slap his hand down on the projector so we could all really get a good look at it, and take his warnings about not screwing with the paper cutter seriously.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Ang St. Ie

Angst Practice

Ang Saint. Ie, (LOL ANGSTY, GET IT) pulled from the Angst Practice painting, which I think was the first thing I ever painted in acrylic. Making fun of shit right from the start! CLEARLY I AM GOING TO GO FAR IN ART. Also, he's not a super-racist drawing of an Asian dude, he's just so emo that he NEVER OPENS HIS EYES. Oh yeah. Beat that, teenagers!

All his tattoos are based on obnoxiously happy 1950's children's toys. If I ever get a sleeve done, it's going to be like that. I'm like 95% sure he was supposed to be the Dustyartwork mascot, to balance out Jonathan Inguen, but unsurprisingly, pointless time-wasty fun got more of my love than serious art, and I never drew this guy again.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Food with Faces

Even tho it's pretty much all I do these days, I never think to post stuff from work. Probably because once something finally makes it from concept all the way to finished, I generally never want to think about it again. But anyway, I was organizing stuff and realized I have make a pretty ridiculous amount of food with faces on, so here's some of that.

Foodbags! Michelle drew the burger, and I drew the fries, then speced them (picked materials & drew up the instructions for the factory as to how they should construct the bag, what size it is, what should be printed/embroidered/appliqued, etc etc.)

I gave the fry bag a mini fry zipper pull. Very proud of myself that day.

My favorite pin ever.

I try to work those little butt Xs into as much stuff as I can.

Senor Taco there might be a tad stereotypical, but he's just so cute with his little excited sauce buddy.

If I was popcorn, I don't know how happy I would be about exploding, but these dudes all seem pretty into it. Except for the ones whose faces seem to have exploded off of them...

I love this dude. He has totally accepted his fate with a straight face and stoic heart.

Alls I have to say about this is NACHO PARTY!!!!!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Bubbin' & Bobblin'

Custom Bukka (the hot new vinyl shit, I guess? I basically just paint whatever I'm given and don't ask questions) for the Custom Bukka show at Monkeyhouse Silverlake! This one was one of my best procrastination efforts ever-I had this thing sitting on my desk for 3 months, and managed not to touch it until a week & a half before the deadline. Score!

Couple of coats of paint to start off, so I can actually see what's going on.

I'm not so into the duckbill or the bunny tail, so covering that up. Aaand, since this makes the dude look a little dragony, let's go with that. NAR.

At this point I realize he kinda looks like the Bubble Bobble dragon dude, so going with that now. Someday, I'd like to be able to plan ahead and know what I'm making before it's finished.

But for now, I'll just work on perfecting the stream-of-consciousness custom making.

It's a little hard to see, but he's got a black eye. I guess the little dude he caught put up a good fight. Also, his nose really looks like a wang from this angle. Huh.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Near Miss Embalmer's Local 401

More stuff from back in 2005ish, I think. I was big on making stuff around this time, and had this idea that making weird fashion accessories would be really cool instead of just making pictures of it.

Probably the first thing I made? It was a great crappy 60's fox that I turned into a stole. Embarrassingly enough I remember wearing this to the Mall of America on at least one occassion. I still really like this idea, I might have to try it again.

You would not believe how hard it is to make geta without power tools!

Hentai Tentacle Death Bunny Scarf! Don't be fooled; I can't knit. The scarf itself was my friend's doing, alls I did was add the face and stuff.
My grandma made me a cute scarf, but I thought it would benefit from a couple severed paws.

I was super into making little purses out of vintage radios, too. It's a giant pain to get the insides out, but they're tailor made to be little handbags.

This one was a camera flash.

I used to make these nerdy legwarmers out of old sweaters, and figured my arms could be dorky too. Plus, I hate tight shirts around my neck, so I love tanktops, but my arms get cold sometimes. My shoulders tho, ALWAYS ON FIRE.

Best for last:

Saturday, June 6, 2009

oooh colors

I've somehow amassed a ridiculous collection of Copic markers over the years, but I've never actually used them for anything. Luckily, the guilt has finally gotten to me, and I'm trotting them out now, sketchbook style.

Sharpies really are a pile of prolapsed anusez.

the hills ARE alive with my balls.

hyup, hyup.

that is my arm can I please have it back.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Boobbears n girl

Two little mini paintings. I'm all about giving people extra eyes these days.

Monday, May 18, 2009

2008 Miscellany Paintingy

I think this about covers the 2008 miscellaneous paintings, it really wasn't a great year for me artwise. Too busy trying to gain competency with Illustrator and design and fashion and not chuck the whole thing in for a job in a Civil War reenactment troupe. Which I am still considering.

This little dude is a ninja flying squirrel, and total badass I made for my friend Jennifer...I believe he's her spirit animal. At least, there's definitely a spiritual connection there.

This lady was for my buddy Ryan. I'm not sure that a hot naked lady is necessarily his spirit animal, but hey, can't go wrong with hot chicks, amirite?

This is for and is a character of my lovely lady pal, Ip2much. She makes the most amazing crocheted characters, but since I am totally inept at handicrafts I make paintings of her dudes.

Flantasm (flan phantasm, DUH) for my good bud Michelle, who is a professional maker of cute things. I feel it's important I make her stuff to remind her what path not to go down. Plus, she likes balls and bad puns too!

This dude was just randomly for a show, but somebody bought it, so let's just say it was for that mystery person. Hope you like it, random dude/ette!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It's probably rough being Link

Aside from being doomed to save the same dumb princess and the same dumb kingdom every two weeks for the rest of eternity, it seems like poor Link suffers a pretty high number of minor indignities from townsfolk and monsters, to boot.

You STILL haven't finished my potion? HOW MUCH LATER DO I HAVE TO COME BACK???

Watch where you grab, watch where you grab!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Misc stuff from misc years...

I guess this is all from 2004-05...ish? I think? I grabbed it off my website, which I've been neglecting with all my might since 06, so definitely before then.

Panty Pirate being serenaded by the Spiderman Chorus, which is like a Greek Chorus, except stupid.

I need to start drawin' the ol' HTDBs again. There's something about them I just can't help but enjoy.


Self-portrait I never finished because hey, finishing stuff is harrrrrrrd.

Just a random page of stuff.

Salty the Albino Candy Cane with the Heart that's Black Like Night was actually a last-last-last-no-effort-whatsoever Halloween costume. Basically, I had a pale pink obi, and it seemed reasonable to wrap it around white long johns and call it a costume.

This may well be my favorite drawing, ever.