Monday, January 17, 2011

Pins or Needle

Was really reasonably pretty sure I'd already posted this, but judging by it not being on here, I GUESS I DID NOT. It was one of those using-up-leftover-paint type paintings that I often do, b/c I am a terrible judge of how much paint I actually need at any given time.

I think this happened sometime in the middle of the painting.

Um...hey and here's the painting...!

Heart in Soul

Tried out some woodburning on this one (the outlines of the ribs. I know, you can't really tell in real life, either.) and an a LOT of marker crosshatching.

Little nub arms are one of my favorite things ever.

Art House Sketchbook Project pt2

Yes you are. Good work on that.

Sooooo yo.

Sea Urchins are basically plants. What.


Not sure I could eat someone who was glaring at me like that.

Bugs should have fuzzy ears. Everything should have fuzzy ears.


Seriously that flower looks like a French tickler.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Art House Sketchbook Project pt3

'Poppy' is so close to 'poopy', and yet I refrained.

I scanned this too small but the So has a little dude as the 'O' who is saying, 'WHAT'. OMG LAYERS.

In my house, it's ALWAYS fucking spider time.

I would grow them if only I could.

Watching too much Discovery Chanel has pretty much completely ruined me for scifi.
Nature is out of her mind.

Silver pen doesn't scan well, so just imagine the faces on the clouds.

I love that the way to go guy totally steals all the focus from the drawings.
Plus he smells like spearmint!

Some sort of farting tentacle-faced caterpillar (non-fuzzy).


Art House Sketchbook Project pt1

Some pages from my Sketchbook Project. Which I managed to procrastinate until THE WEEK BEFORE IT WAS DUE. AAAHHHHHH. My Art House Coop page is over here:
My theme was The View from Up Here, to which I added 'Looking Down into the Garden' so I could print out some of the pritty flower photos I've taken and fill up half the page with minimal effort. Also I rather like my pritty flower photos, so fuuuuck you.

That purple guy is basically me.


What if you're planted next to another tree, who happens to be a real asshole? You're stuck there beside them forever and you can't kick their ass. I guess you pray for a lightning strike, but that's not terribly likely.

Now made with real leaves! I tried doing the iron-it-between-sheets-of-waxed-paper trick, but apparently I got some safety wax paper or someshit, b/c it would not melt.

Not much to say about this one, altho I do kinda like it.

Actually, those are hearts.

Self-loathing Daisy.