Sunday, May 23, 2010

Blind I Bunny

This guy is basically what I always thought happened to Benjamin Bunny. It seemed like he and the farmer had a full scale fucking war going on, and I imagine there were casualties on both sides.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

True Story...

At one point, roundabout 2005, I felt it'd be a good idea for me to try drawing consistent characters. SHOCKINGLY, this plan did not bear fruit; I'm bored with my own drawing style halfway through everything I draw. Clearly, I should have given my animation major a leetle more practical thought before going through with it.

This one's new - it's lookin' like my consistency has not improved at all in the last 6 years. Go me!

All the rest of these are from 2004-5. And then I pretty much never drew these dudes again.

I just remember this guy's name was Connor Meile, after the line of vacuum cleaners. Not sure why, precisely, but they are good vacuums.

After drawing this guy, a very nice girl was enthusiastically emailing me about him, which was a little weird to me, as I think of everything I do as an isolated exercise in a corner of my apt, and am somehow always shocked to find out other people can see these things, too. Also, it's a little worrying to think that people may be looking to me for inspiration, since I spend the majority of my time drawing the dumbest ball-related puns I can think of.

He's carrying is some sort of weird old poison bottle I wanted at one point, but was not willing to spend 150 bucks on, because that is ridiculous. I'm sure somebody did, though. The jerk.

I really like double-breasted coats, but only on other people. I don't have time personally for that many buttons.

Adam, who is part owl, despite having neither wisdom nor comically round spectacles.

A lot of people still give me that exact same look.

I'm not even sure what this look means, but I can relate to it.

Dunno how he was planning on walking on those owl legs.

Sadly nerdily, I've also always had a thing for high collars and suspenders.

This sketch was originally captioned 'So I guess headphones make anyone look cool??' and got me a job with a book co in the UK when someone there came across it while looking for 'cool headphones'. Again, weird.

Super inconsistent, but I rather like this set.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Yes finally! Sketches that are legitimately recent. I imagine this will not last.

I would so like to know what exactly Torgo went on to do after Manos. Oh, I've got some guesses, but I bet the truth is even better.

I want like eight more taxidermy Fallow deer heads, but I'm already toeing the line between having interesting decor and living in the Bates Motel Lobby as it is.

Why don't genetic mutations ever slap anyone with extra cute parts? I could get behind a panda with 6 ears.

Monday, May 17, 2010

I am never going to run out of old sketches...

you'd think I have a finite amount of old crap to post, but no. I really should have stuck this all at the beginning of the blog, but I'm just not that on top of things and you may as well know it.

I wanted to play upright bass sooooo bad when I was little. I didn't quite get that you had to learn on violin first tho, and ended up in band instead. Lame.

I still love the Frozen Expression of Surprise Ward.

This is pretty much still the case today.

Also still the case.


Replace 'animator' with 'illustrator' and the self portrait is still pretty accurate.

And some kitties to finish it off. WHY NOT.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Speaking of embarassing fanart...

I could never get super-interested in Evangelion, I admit. What I do love about it are all the awesome fuck-yous to the fans, starting with the ending of the original series. If was in charge of a show people were taking waaaaay to seriously, I'd explode everyone, too.

I've kind of read about the new series, and it looks like everything else Gainax has done in the last decade. To wit; HERE'S SOME UNDERAGE BOOBS AND AREN'T THEY JUST ZANY.

I drew this in 2002 or 3...I think I felt like learning to ink or something, got about halfway through and went back to just accepting that particular inability, which is still the case today.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hallmark oldsters

YEAH still moving stuff over here. I used to sketch A LOT, apparently!

This was my Xmas card one year. It still applies.

This guy's name is Mali Auctor, which essentially means 'mischief maker', for what that's worth.


The explanation of this on my site was that he was 'a Cupid, fired for falling in love with a horse', which is a mystery to me. I do love Cupid in all his classical portrayals, though.

These are from an awesome, terrible comic I actually turned in for a grade my senior year, long after I'd stopped caring or trying to keep up appearances. My teacher seemed to understand this, and interestingly, it was one of the most educational classes in my entire college career.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Embarassing Fanart

Yami No Matsuei is solid terrible fangirl fanservice pretty much nonstop, but oooohhhhh, I watched it. I tried to read it, but the artwork is so hideously flowery and sparkly I just couldn't hang.

One thing about this series that IS totally awesome is that the main villain dude was keeping his brother's severed head floating around in a big jar, so that one day he can bring his brother back to life, and then kill him. That's the best needlessly complex utterly pointless plan ever.

Liking Carmen Sandiego isn't that embarrassing; everybody played it in grade school, and who doesn't love Rockapella's stirring rendition of the game show theme? Butttt...I've never actually played the game. I'd always just kind of appreciated it in theory. In my defense, I am utterly weak against the gentleman thief/outlaw detective archetype. I HEART THEM ALL.

And oh yes, I watched the fairly terrible Saturday morning cartoon.

I think ReBoot was pretty decent for what it was and when it was made. Hex holds up as a quality villain, for instance. At least she did, until the whole series went completely batshit early in season 4. Still though, I've driven through Kitsilano and felt a nerdy little thrill over it.

Growing up with Great Danes, I sort of feel like I have to love Scooby Doo
. It was a pretty terrible show, though, let's not kid ourselves.

Kimi Wa Pet (Tramps Like Us in the US, for some reason) is actually pretty good, and I still like it. But it's a cutesty romantic comedy, which is a weird thing for me to be enjoying.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Nothin' in partic

Found this pencil sketch in an old sketchbook. I'd like to say it was carefully archived, but in truth it was part of a giant pile of crap that fell out when I picked the book up. So anyway, I figured I'd throw some color on it.

Just some random stuff floating around my sketchbook.

I kind of love the dude who's freaking out on Ms Havisham there.