Sunday, January 24, 2010

Brothers, That was a Dog's Death

Growing up I read a lot of Victorian-era & earlier lit. Most likely because books in the public domain and my parents both turned up a lot at garage sales. At any rate, the Mowgli stories are one of my favorite things ever, ever. I've read each one at least a hundred times-whenever I imagine what it must be like to be juuuuuust about to shuffle off the mortal coil, the thought that someday, I'll have read The Jungle Books for the last time always comes to my mind.

Looking at the sketch, I feel like this painting was supposed to be a lot more lowbrow than it actually turned out. Also, Shere Kahn is meant to be sort of a cross between a skinned hide and actual tiger, but he ended up looking like he was just chilling out on Mowgli's head.

Not sure why I do such detailed sketches when I'm clearly gonna ignore them as soon as I grab a brush.


Finally done. I forgot how long it takes me to paint stuff. I ALSO forgot to scan it before sealing it, so I couldn't get a great shot of it due to reflections and so on. Win some, lose some, I guess; it has been a long time since I painted.