Saturday, July 25, 2009

Near Miss Embalmer's Local 401

More stuff from back in 2005ish, I think. I was big on making stuff around this time, and had this idea that making weird fashion accessories would be really cool instead of just making pictures of it.

Probably the first thing I made? It was a great crappy 60's fox that I turned into a stole. Embarrassingly enough I remember wearing this to the Mall of America on at least one occassion. I still really like this idea, I might have to try it again.

You would not believe how hard it is to make geta without power tools!

Hentai Tentacle Death Bunny Scarf! Don't be fooled; I can't knit. The scarf itself was my friend's doing, alls I did was add the face and stuff.
My grandma made me a cute scarf, but I thought it would benefit from a couple severed paws.

I was super into making little purses out of vintage radios, too. It's a giant pain to get the insides out, but they're tailor made to be little handbags.

This one was a camera flash.

I used to make these nerdy legwarmers out of old sweaters, and figured my arms could be dorky too. Plus, I hate tight shirts around my neck, so I love tanktops, but my arms get cold sometimes. My shoulders tho, ALWAYS ON FIRE.

Best for last: