Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bad Idea

I actually forgot what I officially titled this, but I think that's probably pretty close. This one's for the And We All Fall Down show at Monkeyhouse in Silverlake. There were a couple little paintings I did for the show, too, but I forgot to photograph them. Nar.

Still not making any progress planning out my paintings! Yeah!

Attacking the canvas with spray paint seemed like a good place to start.

I was really set on using totally bad colors for the monsters, for some reason. Also, trying to draw on spray paint sucks. I couldn't find a grease pencil. As usual. I don't know where those things all go.

At this point my color sense kicked in and convinced me to use something a little more complimentary.

And that's it!

And the show was fucking amazing. Naturally I managed to not photograph half of it, as I am awesome.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

2006 Fanart, or: Behind the Times as Usual

I really like fanart, even though I don't do a ton of it myself. The problem I have is that I'm always either 3 or 4 years behind the general public, oooooor drawing things from any random number of years past.

You know when the boys are out busting, Janine and Slimer totally get it on.

Am I the only person on earth who's read or watched Cybersix? I realize it was only on for like 2 weeks, but come on, it was rad. Cross-deressing main character lady, 6 year old evil Nazi bad guy, long-lost brother trapped in the body of a panther. You know, entertainment.
Plus, the animation was amazing. Canada and Japan teemed up to somehow come up with movie-quality animation for 12 episodes or so.
I was always a fan of Cleo from the Heathcliff show. Living in a sweet Caddy, wearing those hot legwarmers, dating an obvious pimp, what a life!

I think Death Note had the fastest crash landing of anything I've ever read. It went from impressively original and interesting to complete idiot 16 yr old girl fanservice disaster in one page. Oh well.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

2006, still

And to cap it off, some random things. I don't think any of these actually went anywhere important, they were just the assorted things I thought about all day.

8/15ths of a Bear in Love
This is interesting...I'm not sure what makes me think he's in love, and I can say with reasonable confidence that even if bears were easily broken down into fractions, there's probably less than half a bear there.

Hey, here he is again in cardboard, for no particular reason.
I still like this 2 heady goatish dude.

Random things and stuff.

Self-portrait for my senior thesis project, I like how this worked out.

Some sort of bacon-related superhero? Also, this was still during the period where I was lopping limbs off characters because of laziness + lack of skill, rather than laziness + actual interest.

I wish I could say I've matured since then, buuuuut... Also, this is a major factor in why I don't eat kiwi.

I'd just discovered the truly impressive creepiness of Soul Dolls, and the insane levels of SRSNSS girls take these things, which prompted me to draw a KFC based doll dude.

The dude came out kinda meh, but the Col Monoclecat is still one of my favorites.

Since I'm organizing the 2006 folder...

I will post more things from days gone by! I'm not sure what I was doing in 06, although, from the looks of things, flashcards figured heavily into my daily life.

I found a deck of oversized vintage math cards at an antique store in Hopkins, MN with the vague idea that I'd eventually use them for something if they laid around in my apt for long enough. I'm a heavy subscriber to this theory, and the small shrines to random crap scattered throughout my house can attest.

Most of these were sold in the Pixelgirl Shop or on ebay. I have a few cards left, and they're hanging out near enough to my desk that I may just accidentally paint something on them in the near future.

Zooombie boooobs!! I really don't like zombies in general, but I have to admit, this made me laugh.

...Thought So.

I really like the Panty Pirate. I'm not sure why, but the idea of a big wad of goo with panties embedded in him sailing the seven seas just works for me.


Boobbears are very frowny creatures, for no reason in particular.

Blind Eye Bunny, which I *think* is a reference to Beatrix Potter's Benjamin Bunny...did Farmer MacGregor poke one of his eyes out? Maybe I am imagining things.

I can't remember if I ever gave the 'Playing Good' cat a name, come to think of it. I know that the bad shoulder kitty is Mali Auctor, and presumably the good one is Bonum Auctor, but no name for the actual cat. Oops.

And to cap it off, a rare smiley boobbear I painted for a friend. Aww!