Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Title Would Suggest his Name is 'Icarus'

NOT 'Pit', which frankly, is dumb. I was a big fan of Pit, though, even in horribly obnoxious form on Captain N. Plus, the Eggplant Wizard makes no sense at all and is one of the best game villians ever.

I love how whenever a game needs a color scheme for player 2, they're usually given a ManTan and the worst color scheme the devs could come up with, OR they get to be 'evil' colors.
I'd go with the evil, personally.

This is one of my favorite drawings in the universe. I was in rare form that day. '04

Friday, January 23, 2009

Why am I Drawing Strawberry Shortcake Fanart?

I believe the official answer to that question was 'Because I'm Stupid." Regardless, at some point there I was really into SSC, for about 5 minutes.

I never could get into it as a kid, altho I will admit, I really loved that the plastic mini-dolls were scented. I had one that was fucking pumpkin. That is some serious dedication to the art of making plastic smell like stuff.

I think the two on the left are Peach or Apricots or something, and the other is Angel Cake, despite cake not actually, technically, being a fruit. Maybe she was the exchange student or something, I dunno. '04


So there's an Asian member of the Shortcake family, named Almond Tea, which struck me as maybe a liiiiiiiiittle stereotypical. '04

Dude, half the cast of SSC has bitchin' dreads. '04

I dunno, the whole deal still strikes me as weird, and that's not even getting into the Pieman guy. '08

Sunday, January 18, 2009

More 2004 stuff

Still trying to get my old stuff uploaded before I start on the new. Also, the new doesn't actually exist yet, so you know. Filler.

I really liked the Angry Beavers! Come on, Norbert was so fucking smooth. How can you not be into him. Also, 'All Rude Dog, All the Time' = words to live by.


And some random crap.

Did I Do Anything...?

I forgot I used to make wallpapers like nobody's business, too. Did I ever have homework, or what?

Some more old sketches

2004 - Holy, I must not have paid any attention in any of my classes...I remember drawing all of this when I should have been learning about the Impressionist Era or someshit.

I actually wore one gigantic pirate earring for a couple months there. I have no idea why, other than I got it on sale for $5. I finally lost the thing when it my ear kicked it out in shame.

Tea slushies are pretty much the best idea in the universe, even more so if they're of the Long Island variety. Why this amazing beverage doesn't yet exist is beyond me. And Crystal Light ones don't count, so don't even suggest it.

I really like that bunny on the right. I feel like we could relate.

I love it when I come across drawings that are clearly not my style. I had literally just found a style I was happy with for the first time ever, and I was still trying to be something I clearly wasn't. WTF? I'm glad I grew out of that shit, more or less.

Little Wooden Do-bobbies

I made little wooden guys for a couple people, and now I have a bunch of extra wooden thingies floating around my house. I suppose I could make stuff with them, but EH. LAZY.

I love this guy cause you can set him by anything and he will be absolutely appalled by it.

I've noticed that my characters tend to be VERY ANGRY ARGHHHHHHH.

How did you climb that tree without any limbs? Curious!

What's awesome about me is, I took this picture in wet grass, never thinking that the watercolor I painted the damn thing with would SMEAR WHEN WET. Dar.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Kenshins New and Old!

Somewhere in college I read (well ok skimmed) the gigantic Kenshin epic, and of course found him to be retardedly adorable. How can you not? He's so tiny and polite and could seriously murder you and everyone you know if the need arose.

I remember doodling this in my comic class sketchbook in 04, I think. He's right, I never got the hang of comics as a medium for conveying anything other than dick jokes.

Look, I enjoy a good dutch angle as much as the next person, but I think they cap out at about 30 degrees. '04.

Kenshin, succumbing to the final stages of girl-hair. I must have had one of those terrible cream colored sketchbooks at some point. '04.

And finally, some new sketches I did while watching clips on youtube this evening. He's still so damn cute.